by Joseph Bleckenwegner, class 6C


On the 13th of July this summer I and 40 other students from Upper Austria went for a 22-hour bus tour from Linz to London. After a long night and a short ride with the ferry, we finally arrived in London. In the capital of England we visited a few of the most impressing sights it has to offer. After an exhausting day of marching through the city we drove off to our first Youth Hostel, where we met our native speakers who joined us during our trip.

We needed four days to arrive at our final destination, Penzance, as it is the last and most westerly town of England. During our journey we visited Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Wells and Glastonbury Abbey. We stayed in Penzance for a week, which we used for cliff hiking, surfing and, of course, some English lessons.

Sadly, after a fun week and lots of cool trips we hit the road through South England. On the way to Brighton, where we slept one night, we visited the HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Our last hostel we stayed in was in Canterbury.

After another 22-hour journey we arrived in Austria on the 27th of July.